Can the Size of PGP Virtual Disk (Dynamic) be Increased?

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After creating a PGP Virtual Disk with the Dynamic option, is it possible to increase the size of the disk?


No. Once the initial disk size is set, you cannot increase the size of PGP Virtual Disk when using the Dynamic option for the disk. The size you initially allocate for the PGP Virtual Disk is the maximum it will allow you to use.

Note: A Dynamic (resizable) PGP Virtual Disk is a disk which can grow in capacity as files are added to it, yet it stays small until the additional space is needed. PGP Desktop manages this process, you only need to set the maximum size that you would like the disk to be. You can also compress this disk later, if you choose. This type of PGP Virtual Disk is available for FAT- or FAT32-formatted disks only.



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