How to include/exclude files in a range for NetBackup Windows clients, using wildcards

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How to include and exclude files in a range for NetBackup Windows clients, using wildcards


Windows clients only, as there are limitations to the wildcard capabilities between the Policy Backup Selection list and the Exclude and Includes (Exception to Exclude list) lists.  UNIX/Linux clients can use different wildcard parameters.


The NetBackup Systems Administration guide provides syntax rules for Exclude and Include lists. However, these rules do not apply to a Policy Files list (Backup Selection list).

Files list:
The files list, which is specified in the Policy properties, is the first list NetBackup uses to determine what files should be backed up.  The  ?  (question mark) and the  *  (asterisks) are the only wildcards supported by the Policy Files list.  The  *  wildcard represents everything after a specific path and the  ?  wildcard represents a specific character.  

For example:
  • D:\Users\* would backup up every file and folder under D:\Users  
· · D:\Budget????.xls would backup all files that start with Budget and have four characters.

Exclude list:
The Exclude list is the second list to be processed and allows for a more detailed wildcard search. The Exclude lists supports the use of  [ ] (square brackets),  *  and  ?  wildcards.  The  and the  ?  act the same as they would with the Files list however the brackets allow specification of a range of files to exclude. For example, to exclude all directories from  D:\Users\  which begin with the letters A-Z, the syntax of the exclusion would be,  D:\Users\[a-zA-Z]*

Include list (Exception to Exclude list):
The Include list is the last list to be processed and allows for the same wildcard syntax as the exclude lists.  
For example, to include only folders under users from A-H, the syntax of the include list would be as follows,  D:\Users\[a-hA-H]* 

Detailed example using all lists:
Below is a directory structure that can be used for wildcards:

To obtain a backup of all folders from A-D, from the sample list above, the lists would be done as follows:

Files list:

Exclude list:

Include list:

Supplemental Materials


Wildcard usage for Windows clients in NetBackup 6.5 and 7.0 documentation. Manuals contradict themselves regarding the usage of square brackets [ ] wildcard option

NetBackup 7.1 documentation now states:-

Brackets used as wildcards in include and exclude lists:
UNIX clients: Allowed
Windows clients: Allowed
Brackets used as wildcards in policy backup selections lists:
UNIX clients: Allowed
Windows clients: Not allowed; the use of brackets in policy backup selections
lists causes backups to fail with a status 71

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