In a new environment in Symantec Workflow, email addresses with more than 25 characters are not accepted.

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In Symantec Management Console, when you add a new Workflow environment you cannot enter an Environment outage notification email address that contains more than 25 characters. If the address exceeds 25 characters, the outage notification is not sent correctly.

The following steps generate the error:

  1. Set up a separate, non-English Symantec Management Platform server.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Workflows > Workflow Enterprise Management.
  3. Set up a new environment by clicking +Add Environment.
  4. In the Email From field, enter an email address that contains more than 25 characters, and click Save.
  5. Click the Edit environment tab.


Some of the characters that were in the Email From field before saving are missing after you click Save. Consequently, the outage notification is not sent correctly.


Workflow 7.1 SP2


This field does not accept an email address that contains more than 25 characters.


Enter an email address that contains fewer than 25 characters.

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