Post-installation FAQ for Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC)

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This document provides information about key post-installation tasks for Symantec Email Submission Client.


Question:  What should I do after installing Symantec Email Submission Client?

Answer: Configure Symantec Email Submission Client by performing the following steps:

  • Register the Exchange server with Email submission client.
  • Specify the Client Access Server (CAS) URL.
  • Specify the spam submission folder, if required.
  • Specify service settings.
  • Import certificates.

For details, see Symantec Email Submission Client Implementation Guide.


Question:  Is there any limitation on subscriptions?

Answer: Following are the limitations for the supported exchange environments:


Question:  What happens when I move a spam message to the spam submission folder?

The email message will be submitted to Symantec as spam and moved to the user’s Deleted Items folder.


Question:  When I make a submission, what information is submitted to Symantec?

The entire email, including header information, is submitted to Symantec.  This is the same information provided when you make a manual submission to one of our SMTP submission addresses.


Question:   Where can we log support requests for Symantec Email Submission Client?

  Contact Symantec Customer Support in the normal manner. For more information, see Symantec Email Submission Client Release Notes.


Question:   How do I benefit from submitting spam emails to Symantec by using SESC?

  By submitting samples to Symantec, you contribute to the ongoing protection provided by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network (GIN).  The Symantec Anti-Spam Engineering Team uses a combination of automated intelligence and human action to create new anti-spam rules on a 24/7 basis.   By using SESC to allow your end users to make submissions directly from their email client or compatible mobile device, you are able to streamline your internal processes and avoid having to handle the expensive “What do I do with this unwanted spam email” helpdesk calls in your company.


Question: Why are the items remaining in the folder after the user submits the email?

   SSL certificates might not be installed. Ensure that you install SSL certificates and submit the email. For more information, see Symantec Email Submission Client Implementation Guide.

Question: Does Symantec Email Submission Client support switching of Exchange server 2010 to Exchange server 2007?

   No, SESC does not support switching of Exchange server 2010 to Exchange server 2007.


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