VMware backups fail status 156 when placed in a DMZ

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Backup hosts placed on either side of a DMZ may fail with status 156 when communicating across the DMZ to an opposing vmserver.



Bpfis reports unknown client:

12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <32> bpfis: FTL - vfm_freeze: method: VMware, type: FIM, function: VMware_freeze
12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <32> bpfis: FTL - VfMS method error 7; see following message:
12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <32> bpfis: FTL - VMware_freeze: VIXAPI freeze failed unknown client  foobar
12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <16> bpfis: FTL - snapshot creation failed, status 156
12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <4> bpfis: INF - Thawing ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES using snapshot method VMware.
12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <8> bpfis: WRN - ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is not frozen
12:42:24.128 [4728.4312] <8> bpfis: WRN - snapshot delete returned status 20
12:42:26.175 [4728.4312] <2> vnet_pbxConnect: pbxConnectEx Succeeded
12:42:26.175 [4728.4312] <2> logconnections: BPRD CONNECT FROM TO fd = 636
12:42:27.566 [4728.4312] <4> bpfis: INF - EXIT STATUS 156: snapshot error encountered


An example environment would be two vmservers  and backup hosts separated by  DMZ . Each backup host would be prevented from communicating with the VMserver on the opposing side of the DMZ.



The backup hosts are prevented from communicating with VMservers either side of the DMZ due to port 901 being closed.  


A feature is available in NBU 7.1 and backported to 7. 0 .1 to prevent backuphosts from trying to communicate with specific VMservers.

This feature is designed to prevent slow search times in netbackup for VMservers and virtual machines, but can be used to limit searching across DMZs.


To limit the VMware servers that NetBackup discovers, per backup host
1 On the Windows desktop of the backup host, click Start > Run and enter

2 To be on the safe side, make a backup of the current registry (File > Export).

3 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Veritas > NetBackup >
CurrentVersion > Config and create a key called BACKUP.

4 Right-click in the right pane and click New > String Value. Enter
excludeVMservers as the name.

5 Right-click the excludeVMservers name and click Modify.

6 In the EditString dialog, enter a comma-delimited list of the VMware servers
that are NOT to be queried when NetBackup browses the network.
Do not enter spaces.
You can enter vCenter servers and individual ESX servers.

The exclude list applies only to this backup host.
The servers are not queried when NetBackup browses for virtual machines to list on the policy's Browse for Virtual Machines dialog of the NetBackup Administration Console.

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