Unable to migrate Helpdesk incidents to ServiceDesk due to incorrect NS Credentials

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In a Symantec Support Case, customer is unable to migrate Helpdesk incident tickets to ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2, due to incorrect Notification Server credential.


On the Welcome to Symantec ServiceDesk Incident Migration Wizard window, once you have entered the Notification Server (for the Helpdesk Server) Credentials. You will receive the following error:

Unable to connect to NS, please verify credentials.


In the Support case, customer is migrating incident tickets from Helpdesk 6.0 SP5 to ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2. Helpdesk 6.0 SP5 and ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2 are on different servers.


In the Support case, the user account used in the Symantec ServiceDesk Incident Migration Wizard is not an active user in Helpdesk 6.0 SP5.


Ensure that the user entered is an active user of Helpdesk. To verify, please go to the Altiris Console of the Notification Server (where Helpdesk is installed) and click on the Incident tab. Then, on the left pane (under the Commands section, click on Workers > List Workers. You should see something like the screenshot below.


Please check the status of the user account and make sure it is in the Active state. Otherwise, please right click to the user account and click on Edit. In the Edit Worker - <user_account> portal, please mark the Active checkbox and click on the OK button.


Once the change has been made, you can restart the Symantec ServiceDesk Incident Migration Wizard process again.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH176120

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