Recovery Solution 7.1.3919 - Scan for applied critical patches is locking up NS

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Scan for applied critical patches locking up NS.


Applies to RS 7.1.3919


sp_RS_PopulateAppliedBulletins along with sp_RS_UpdateAppliedBulletins are causing massive deadlocks.


Prior to release of RS 7.1 decision has been made to drop support for integration of RS with Patch Management. At the same time the corresponding stored procedures were left there intact. If you are experiencing deadlocks recommendation is to replace the corresponding stored procedures with zero functionality for those.

Please execute the following query against the SMP database in order to drop the existing sp_RS_PopulateAppliedBulletins and sp_RS_UpdateAppliedBulletings and recreate similar ones with zero functionality:

DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_RS_PopulateAppliedBulletins]
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_RS_PopulateAppliedBulletins]
 @nTimeDiff  int = 0



DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_RS_UpdateAppliedBulletins]
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_RS_UpdateAppliedBulletins]
 @nTimeDiff  int = 0



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