SCSP agent logs are almost consuming all disk space

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SCSP agent has been installed. After a while, you notice a lot of zip files are consuming all disk space. These files are stored into following folder:

 => /var/log/scsplog/archive (UNIX system)
 => C:\Program Files\Symantec\Critical System Protection\Agent\scsplog (Windows system)

You need to free space on the drive, otherwise the client machine may crash.



SCSP agent 5.2.x installed.



There may be two reasons:

1. 'Delete log files after processing' config rule has not been used

2. 'Delete log files after processing' has been recently applied to agent, however it does not impact older logs



1. Configure log settings properly on SCSP console:

2. Manually delete/archive scsplog folder content


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Role of "archive" folder:

"If the option to delete log files after processing is disabled, the SISIDSEvents.csv files that were successfully uploaded are copied to the archive folder in C:\Program Files\Symantec\Critical System Protection\Agent\scsplog\archive"

Source: scspadmn.pdf (available in \docs in SCSP source)


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