When trying to add a Veritas Operations Manager hosted server into the Veritas Operations Manager Advanced (VOM Advanced reporting software) an error is received: SI Addon Not Installed

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An error is received:  SI Addon Not Installed is received when processing the addition of a new Managed Host Server into an existing Veritas Operations Manager Central Management Server configuration.

This error refers to the Storage Insight plugin that is used with VOM for operations on the Managed Host server, and generally means that this required plugin has not been installed.


To resolve this situation, the SI Addon needs to be installed on the VOM server:

- Login to the VOM server

- Select the Addon option to review the currently installed addons

- Verify that S.I. is not present and select the option to install an Addon, choosing the SI addon in the process.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH176826

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