Symantec Protection Center 2 (SPC) - Manual PAC file installation sequence for upgrading a new install to the latest released version.

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Symantec Protection Center 2 (SPC) is operating in a closed network environment (No Internet Access), and needs to be manually updated. What is the best practice for performing manual updates, and what is the order of installation required to bring Symantec Protection Center 2 (SPC) up to date?


To update the Protection Center software manually:

  1. Save the files on appropriate storage media (USB drive, DVD, or CD) that the Protection Center appliance can read.
    Do not select network drives, Web sites, or FTP addresses.
  2. Logon to the SPC 2 Web Console and configure the backup settings. Set the backup to run withing the next 15 minutes, then wait for the backup to complete. If you are running version 2.1, you may setup your backup to the normal schedule you would like, save the settings, and then choose the "Backup Now" button to initiate an immediate backup.
  3. Login directly to the Protection Center appliance with the SPC_Admin account.
  4. Select the link to "Install Protection Center Update".
  5. Select Browse and then select the update file that you want to install.
  6. Click Run.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update file.
  8. The system will start to install the manual update after the files have been transferred, if it is a content update file. If it is a System Update file, such as a System Roll-Up (SPC 2.0 RU1 (, or a version upgrade file (SPC 2.1 ( 2.1 MP1 (, the system will place the files in the correct location and you will then have to MANUALLY launch the update from the Web Console Available Updates page. (Admin/Software/Available Updates). 
    A System backup will automatically run prior to each System Update if the backup has been configured.
    Manual Content updates DO NOT trigger an automatic backup, so you should create such a backup prior to starting the manual update process. (See Step 2 above)
  9. Do not install additional manual updates until you have verified installation of the current file by logging into the SPC 2 web console as the SPC_ADMIN user, then navigating to the Admin/Software Updates/Installed Updates tab and checking to see what updates show as being installed. You must browse to a different area, such as the Home Tab, then back to the Installed Updates section to refresh the information shown.
  10. Continue to install additional updates, per the above procedure, if applicable.

Table 1: Manual SPC Update Installation Order

Order Link Description Purpose Release
1 -
Start of updates for ISO


Updated English-language help files and help files for all supported languages.
July 2011. 
2 TECH166056 CONTENT PAC - Enables integration of Bay Dynamics Bit9 Parity v. 2011/07/29
3 TECH165987 CONTENT PAC - Enables Symantec Control Compliance Suite v10.5 2011/07/29
4 TECH166055 CONTENT PAC - Enables PGP Universal Server v3.2 2011/07/29
5 TECH172831 SYSTEM PAC - Upgrades System to SPC 2.0 Release Update 1 (   2011/10/21
6 TECH172834 CONTENT PAC -  Enables Symantec Critical System Protection (SCSP) 5.2.8   2011/10/26
7 TECH172836 CONTENT PAC - Enables Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) 5.0.2   2011/11/11
8 TECH176944 SYSTEM PAC - Upgrades System to SPC v. 2.1 ( 2011/12/19
Start of updates for ISO
TECH176945 CONTENT PAC - Bay Dynamics Bit9 Parity Suite 6.0.2 support update. Some minor enhancements.  2011/12/19
Symantec PGP Universal Server update: Some minor enhancements.  2011/12/19
11 TECH176947 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Endpoint Protection support update: Some minor enhancements.  2011/12/19
12 TECH176949 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Messaging Gateway support update: Some minor enhancements.  2011/12/19
Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange support update: Some minor enhancements.  2011/12/19
14 TECH176953 CONTENT PAC - Enables Integration with Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP).  2011/12/19
15 TECH176954 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Control Compliance Suite(CCS) v10.5 support update. Some minor enhancements.  2011/12/19
 16 TECH177261 SYSTEM PAC - SPC 2.1 Documentation Update 2011/12/19
 17 TECH184819  SYSTEM PAC  (    Manual Update release of SPC 2.1 MP1  2012/04/9
 18 TECH184821  CONTENT PAC - Bay Dynamics Bit9 Parity Suite 6.0.2 support update    2012/04/9
 19 TECH184822 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Endpoint Protection support update  2012/04/9
 20 TECH184823 CONTENT PAC - Symantec DLP Enforce Software update  2012/04/9
 21 TECH184824 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Critical System Protection 5.2.8 support update  2012/04/9
 22 TECH184825 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Web Gateway 5.0.x support update  2012/04/9
 23 TECH184826 CONTENT PAC - Symantec Control Compliance Suite support  2012/04/9



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