How "bpclntcmd -pn" is used to resolve multiple interfaces on Clients.

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How "bpclntcmd -pn" is used to resolve multiple interfaces on Clients.


/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -pn

When the above command is run on a NetBackup client, the -pn option initiates an inquiry to NetBackup master server, and the server then returns information to the requesting client.  First, "bpclntcmd" identifies the server to which it is making the request, then it displays the information that the server returns.

Unlike the other options for "bpclntcmd", the "-pn" option is logged in the bprd log on the master when "bprd" tries to resolve the IP to a hostname via NIS, DNS or the /etc/hosts file. This command can be very useful to troubleshoot multiple interfaces on a single client for bp.conf entries for backups. If this command is failing, check the bprd log on the master to see what IP address is being resolved.

/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bprd log entry:

08:33:17.290 [1843254] <2> logconnections: BPRD ACCEPT FROM <FROM IP.32895> TO <TO IP.13720>
08:33:17.292 [1843254] <2> connected_peer: Connection from host <>, <FROM IP>, on non-reserved port 32895
08:33:17.297 [1843254] <2> process_request: no authentication required
08:33:17.297 [1843254] <2> nb_is_valid_master_server: checking if <> is a valid server
08:33:17.298 [1843254] <2> nb_is_valid_master_server: *** host <> is NOT a valid server
08:33:17.298 [1843254] <2> nb_is_valid_master_server:     h_name is <
08:33:17.298 [1843254] <2> nb_is_valid_master_server:     ip address is <FROM IP> (0xa5268a9)
08:33:17.298 [1843254] <2> db_valid_master_server: <> is not a valid server
08:33:17.438 [1843254] <2> process_request: command C_CLIENT_ID (45) received
08:33:17.438 [1843254] <2> process_request: <> is 4.5FP_6
08:33:17.438 [1843254] <2> get_ccname: determine configured name for <>
08:33:17.441 [1843254] <2> getsockconnected: host=<> service=bpdbm address=<TO IP> protocol=tcp non-reserved port=13721
08:33:17.442 [1843254] <2> bind_on_port_addr: bound to port 40151
08:33:17.442 [1843254] <2> logconnections: BPDBM CONNECT FROM <FROM IP>.40151 TO <TO IP.13721>
08:33:17.444 [1843254] <2> check_authentication: no authentication required
08:33:19.042 [1843254] <2> get_ccname: configured name is: <>

<hostnamemaharaja>:~>bpclntcmd -pn
expecting response from server <>
<> <> <FromIP 32895>

For example:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -pn

expecting response from server dove 57141
• expecting response from server is the master server entry from the server list on the client.
• is the connection name (peername) returned by the master server. The master server obtained this name through gethostbyaddress().
• dove is the client name configured in the NetBackup class client list.
• is the IP address of the client connection at the master server.
• 57141 is the port number of the connection on the client.

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