Does PGP Universal Server have the ability to push PGP Desktop client upgrades?

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Does PGP Universal Server have the ability to push PGP Desktop client upgrades?


PGP Desktop clients synchronize policy to the PGP Universal Server and during that process, if a new version is available and the setting is configured to allow client updates, the PGP Desktop client receives a notification regarding the update and can then "download" the new version.  The update will be installed over the top of the existing PGP Desktop installation. 

The user must have administrator rights on the computer, otherwise no prompts will appear indicating a new version is available.


To check if the PGP Universal Server has been configured for client updates:

1.  Click on Consumers > Consumer Policy and then click on the appropriate Consumer Policy

2. Next, click the Edit button next to General

3. On the top of the General page, check to see if "Notify users of software updates and automatically download" is checked.


  • If it is not checked, users in this policy will not be prompted for PGP Desktop client updates. 
  • If the box is checked and the user has administrator permissions, when a new version is available, the user will be prompted to install the update.
  • Installation takes place in the background (silently) removing the older version of PGP Desktop and the user is prompted to reboot the computer for the changes to take affect.  No further user interaction is needed apart from closing PGP Desktop if it is open.


Once the installation completes, the user must reboot the computer.


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