Application Layer Firewall constantly requests to "Accept incoming network connections from a "Thin Host" when the firewall is enabled.

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Anytime the pcAnywhere Thin host daemon is invoked the application layer firewall in OS X (ALF) pops up the "Accept..." dialog box.


Do you want the application "Thin Host" to accept incoming network connections?
Clicking Deny may limit the application's behavior.
This setting can be changed in the Firewall pane of Security preferences.
(Deny) (Allow)


Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x
pcAnywhere Solution plug in 12.6.x for Mac


Settings for the pcA Thin host are stored in the executable binary. Therefore the signature of the binary is always changing. The Application Layer Firewall in OS X 10.6.x or later relies on the binary signature to determine the legitimacy of the file. With the binary constantly changing, the firewall only sees the pcA Thin host binary as legitimate once and will throw the message asking to accept the incoming message every time the daemon is launched thereafter.


This is a known issue with previous versions of pcAnywhere Solution (12.5.x and 12.6.x). An update to the pcAnywhere Thin host is required.  Please subscribe and/or check back with this article to be notified if an update becomes available.

An update is available for pcAnywhere Solution 12.6.7 (Plug in build 12.6.8096).  Please download Instructions for applying the update are included in the zip.

UPDATE: pcAnywhere Solution 12.6.7 Hotfix 1, and  pcAnywhere solution 12.6.8 as provided in Symantec Client Management Suite 7.5 SP1 release. which is available through the Symantec Installation Manager. 


Update to resolve OS X Application Firewall allow prompt each time the pcA Thin host daemon starts. (2.4 MBytes)

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