How to manually install a bv-control for UNIX - AIX agent in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Data Collection version 10.5

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Manual install method for CCS AIX agent.


The following error is displayed while registering a new AIX agent to a FIPS enabled Information Server : “Error in validating the socket”


Steps to install the UNIX package on the IBM AIX target computer from a local drive: 

  1. Create a directory on the AIX target computer.  (Example: \\tmp\bvinstall)
  2. Copy the AIX package (i.e. bv-Control.<package version>.<build number> file) from the OS-specific folder that is located in the \\CCS_DataCollection\Support_Installs\bv_Control_for_UNIX directory of the product disk drive.  The build number consists of the last three digits of the file name
  3. Change to the newly created directory
  4. Type the following command to install the package on the AIX target computer:  installp -acNQqwX -d bv-Control.<package version>.<build number> bvControl.rte
  5. Press Enter.

Make sure the agent is either FIPS enabled version if FIPS ( and above).  It requires the new FIPS enabled agent and the corresponding RF10548 which will create rf10545 entry on the target for further rf dependency.

Note: If the install continues to fail and it is verified that the agent is a FIPS enabled agent and FIPS is enabled, use smit install.

The FIPS enabled agent for AIX is attached.


bv-Control_for_UNIX_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf (613 kBytes)
FIPS enabled Unix AIX agent version:
bv-Control.10.50.33 (41 MBytes)

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