After installing PCAnywhere 12.6 SP2 on the SMP server, clients are not upgrading from 12.6.66 to 12.6.7580.

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Clients are not upgrading from 12.6.66 to 12.6.7580. The policies to run the upgrade complete successfully and the pcAnywhere install logs report a successful install but the agents never update their version.




There are multiple possible causes:

1.  The initial upgrade didn't complete or the agents were not accessible at the scheduled time.

2.  During the upgrade of pcAnywhere on the SMP server, all pcAnywhere install files didn't get upgraded successfully so the agents are getting and running old files.

3.  The SQL query for the report "Windows Computers requiring pcAnywhere Upgrade" is not correct.


There are multiple possible resolutions:

1.  Open the policy "pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows - Update" (or your custom update policy) and ensure "Run Once" is disabled and there is a new scheduled time or a repeat on the policy.

2.  Open Symantec Installation Manager and "Repair" Symantec pcAnywhere.
If there are multiple SMP servers, the files can be copied from a working server. The files in questions are the files in: Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\x86\pcAAgent

3.  Clone the filter "Windows Computers requiring pcAnywhere Upgrade" and change the SQL query where it says "(i.[Product Version], ('12.6.66')) < 0)"  Change the version to 12.6.7580 so it reads

     (i.[Product Version], ('12.6.7580')) < 0)

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