Symantec Protection Center 2.1 (SPC) - Chages to the backup schedule are not be saved if "Run Backup Now" is selected prior to selecting the "SAVE" button.

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After making changes to the backup schedule a decision is made to initiate the "Run Backup Now" option. Changes are not saved, so after the backup runs those changes are not available the next time a user checks the backup settings. The backup operator is not prompted with a warning message detailing the need for the backup changes to be saved, and the backup job is allwed to proceed. 


Symantec Protection Center 2.1  (SPC)


The "Run Backup Now" button does not save the current settings prior to beginning the backup job. 


This item has been fixed in the SPC 2.1 MP1 ( Please update to the latest released version.:  When back up is now configured and Run backup is clicked , a proper warning is
given that "Save your settings before running a backup.".  

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