Compliance Accelerator will not capture the Encrypted Email in result.

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If an encrypted email is sent and contains a phrase which is typically flagged and captured by CA, will the encrypted email be flagged but of course not be visible? Or will CA not capture it at all, even though it contains hotwords within the email body.



EV archives exactly what is in the message store. In order to index a message's contents, it tries to convert the content using INSO converters. If the content type is not recognized, means encrypted content, then none of the message content is indexed. This means that an encrypted message would archive and restore unchanged. The user can search on its attributes, but not the original message contents.


EV will add an error message as content of the item which can be searched on, examples are given below:

File type .MSG

Encrypted message content the web browser displays: "Content is encrypted and cannot be shown".

File type .MPG

File type (.MPG) is not recognized by converters the Web Browser displays: "Preview is not available. Go back to the search results and click the download icon to view the content. Reason: File type not recognized by converters."


It means the Compliance Accelerator will not capture the Encrypted Email which contains hotwords and also will not display.


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