Software Delivery Web Service URLs do not exist

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The following Software Delivery Web Service URLs as found in the help file do not exist on a server with the ASDK installed:
Web Service Name URL
Advertisement Management http://localhost/Altiris/ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery/SWDSolnAdvertisementManagementLibService.asmx
Package Management http://localhost/Altiris/ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery/SWDSolnPackageManagementLibService.asmx
Program Management http://localhost/Altiris/ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery/SWDSolnProgramManagementLibService.asmx


Typos in the documentation.


The correct Software Delivery Web Service URLs are as follows:
Web Service Name URL
Advertisement Management http://localhost/Altiris/ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery/SWDSolnAdvertisementManagementService.asmx
Package Management http://localhost/Altiris/ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery/SWDSolnPackageManagementService.asmx
Program Management http://localhost/Altiris/ASDK.NS.SoftwareDelivery/SWDSolnProgramManagementService.asmx


This information will be correct in the  help file of future releases of the ASDK

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