UnixAgentInstall.OnBuildClientConfigXml2 Description: Couldn't find underlying policy for resource

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The following error may occur in the NS/SMP log files: 


Module: w3wp.exe
Source: Altiris.Agent.Unix.Policy.UnixAgentInstall.OnBuildClientConfigXml2
Description: Couldn't find underlying policy for resource <Computer Name> (<ResourceGuid>)



SMP 7.1



The install policies for several solution plug-ins use "super policies" that contain several sub-policies.

Each sub-policy:

  • is hidden.
  • applies to a specific hardware platform.
  • has its own Resource Target, which is based on one or more visible but not-modifiable filters.
  • applies only to computer that matches its resource target.

The error:

Couldn't find underlying policy for resource

will occur when the NS generates policies for a computer that is applied to a super policy for which the computer is not applied to any of that super policy's sub-policies.


Apply a target to the cloned policies that includes the following filter or an equivelant: "All computers without installed [nnn solution] Plug-in".

The following SQL query may help identify policies involved in the occurrence of this error:

select it.Guid as [Policy Guid], it.Name as [Policy Name], ia.Enabled 
from ItemClass ic
      join Item it on it.Guid = ic.Guid
      join ItemActive ia on ia.Guid = it.Guid
where ic.ClassGuid = 'd5b612fd-5ed4-4a95-b198-78405e89283b'


This SQL query can display the sub-policies and filters for a selected super policy.
super-policies-targets-2b.sql (2 kBytes)

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