New iOS devices are displayed as "Apple Unknown" in some Inventory tables

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Versions of Symantec Mobile Management that are released prior to Apple's new devices (e.g. the iPhone 4S or third generation iPad) appear as "Apple Unknown" as the device in certain Inventory tables.


Symantec Mobile Management 7.1 MR1 or 7.1 SP1


Apple iOS devices do not have internal references to their friendly names (like "iPhone 4S"). They need to be manually identified based on their internal tag, such as "iPhone4,1".

The identification of "Apple Unknown" applies to any iOS device that was released after a version of Symantec Mobile Management was built.


To update the files which identify these devices, edit the following on the Mobile Management Server:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Symantec\Mobile Management\NTServices\iOSDeviceType.txt

  1. For iPhone 4S, after the iPhone3,3 entry, add the following after the other iPhone entries:
    iPhone4,1|iPhone 4S
  2. For iPad 3, after the iPad2,3 entry, add the following after the other iPad entries:
    iPad3,1|iPad (3rd Generation Wifi)
    iPad3,2|iPad (3rd Generation GSM)
    iPad3,3|iPad (3rd Generation CDMA)

After making these changes, restart the "Symantec Mobile Management" and "Symantec Mobile Management Service Agent" services, delete the device from the console, and then re-enroll it, and the correct information will be reported.

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