How to create/clone and configure a role for the pcAnywhere Solution and apply it to users or groups.

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I would like to create a new role or clone an existing one for the pcAnywhere Solution.


Symantec Management Platform 7.1
pcAnywhere Solution 12.5 and 12.6


To configure a security role in the Symantec Management Console (SMC) to use Remote Control features and then assign users and/or groups to it, please follow the steps below. 

1) Create a new role or clone the role that will serve as a model for this purpose.

  • In the SMC, click Settings > Security > Account Management.
  • Highlight Roles in the left pane
  • If you are creating a new role, click + Add in the middle pane.
  • If you already have a role that has some of the desired permissions and privileges that you need, highlight the existing role in the middle pane, click Actions > Clone and then provide a name for the new role. 

2)  Assign the necessary privileges

  • Highlight the role you wish to view the middle pane of the Account Management window.
  • Select the Privileges tab in the right pane.
  • In the ‘pcAnywhere Remote Control Mode Privileges’ and the ‘pcAnywhere Solution Priviliges’, select which permissions these users will have with regards to the client they connect to as well as the pcAnywhere Solution itself.
  • In the ‘Right Click Menu – Remote Management – pcAnywhere’ section you should select the Remote Control box to ensure that the corresponding option appears in the context menu for these users.

3) Click the ‘Member’ tab and then ‘Add Member’ > ‘Add Account’ to add the users and/or groups this role should apply to.

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