Barcode devices cannot correctly display Surrogate Japanese characters and potentially other double byte characters

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Barcode devices do not correctly display Surrogate Japanese characters and potentially other double byte characters




The ability for a Windows Mobile device to show Japanese characters, depends on the device manufacturer bundling special character support, on a device by device, and character by character basis.

(2012 January
04th, last post by Microsoft Device Application Development MVP Joel Ivory
"...  there's never been such a thing as a Windows Mobile language pack. While
the mobile operating system itself supports full unicode characters the
individual OEMs and characters have had the liberty to decide which character
sets would be available on the phones. They usually only install the
charactersets and resources for the regions in which they plan to Market the

What you came across was one of many third party products that will install
fonts and resources (and sometimes and IME) so that your phone can interact
with these languages. But this isn't a language pack in the same sense as what
is available for the Windows Desktop. For the Windows Desktop OS one can
install Windows and then download a collection of language resource from
Microsoft and install those to to have a fully supported localized
environment.There's never been such a thing from Microsoft for Windows Mobile. "


Find a Japanese device, with the appropriates characters supported, then the Barcoder application will display the characters.

Note: Surrogate Japanese characters tend not to be supported at all.

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