Synchronization Profiles do not save changes and the page appears to refresh without saving the changes

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Synchronization profiles fail to save when the resources included in the profile exceed the ASP.NET limit of 4 MB.  This was seen on one system when an attempt to add > 40,000 users to the Default Synchronization Profile.


No error is show, however the page seems to refresh without saving the changes.


When the amount of data in a webpage 'request' exceeds the ASP.NET platform limit of 4MB, the page is cancelled.

When saving edits to a Synchronization Profile and this occurs, Barcode Solution does not report an error but instead silently displays the previous page.


If the numbers of users need to exceed this the following will need to be done.

Increase the Maximum Request Length, in the ASP.NET website settings.
Note: The default is 4MB, these steps set to 16MB

1. Add the following line to the web.config file under the \Program Files\Altiris\Altiris\Barcode\Web\ folder, within the <system.web> section:

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="16384"/>

Note: If a httpRuntime section already exists, such as <httpRuntime executionTimeout="630" /> simply add the maxRequestLength parameter to this
section like; <httpRuntime executionTimeout="630" maxRequestLength="16384" />

2. Perform an IIS Restart.  Open a command prompt, type in 'iisreset' without the single quotes and hit enter.

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