Data Loss Prevention Compliant Devices report description

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You want to know what information the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Compliant Devices report contains.


The DLP Compliant Devices report contains information about the following items:

Name- The name of the device in question.

Compliant- Whether the device currently complies with its DLP policy.

Warnings Left- The number of warnings remaining before the device is locked out, or, if the displayed value is -1, that the device is in a 'pending' state or that the profile is not installed on the device.

When the device is in sleep-mode and requires a passcode to unlock (wake up) the device, the management agent on the device passes a -1 to the report. This value
anticipates the possiblity that the DLP notification can go unnoticed when the device is locked.

When the device is finally unlocked, the agent resets Warnings Left to the last known value or if the device has become compliant, the full number of warnings.

The report will also indicate a -1 when the device has been unmanaged and its profile removed as a result of a remediation.

Last Checked- A timestamp for the last device compliancy check.

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