How to make sure if PGP server cluster is working or not

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Please make sure if PGP server cluster is working or not


To make sure if the cluster members are working fine and the replication is working between them you can run below commands to verify the same :

pgprepctl topo             –   To verify connectivity issues within cluster members.

pgprepctl debug list  –   To verify the incoming and outgoing connections of a node.

pgprepctl info              –   Used to monitor the queues and make sure replication is working.



You can also verify the state of clusters by looking at the clustering User Interface page and verify that all cluster member have a check boxes checked.

Review the highwatermarks from each member which will let us know whether the cluster is up or not. Meaning, if the hightwatermarks are roughly around the same values then the cluster is doing okay.

At times it is normal to see the highwatermarks differences when the cluster is under load during peak periods but, will converge once the traffic is low.

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