Disk Pool Configuration Wizard fails with "cannot connect on socket"

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Disk Pool Configuration Wizard fails with "cannot connect on socket" on the first step of configuring a MSDP (Media Server Deduplication Pool) server


"cannot connect on socket"



NetBackup 7.1.0.X Windows 2003 R2 master / media / msdp server


2 possible reasons:

A) Ports 13701, 13782 and 13724 were not opened on the media server
B) License used in the media server already expired



When ports are not opened:
1. Make sure that name resolution (forward and reverse) works fine
2. Verify that ports 13701,13782 and 13724 are opened, "NetBackup Domain Network Analyzer" is a usefull tool: <install path\NetBackup\bin\support\NBDNA
3. It may be necessary to do a repair installation of NetBackup
4. Run 'Storage Server Configuration Wizard' again.

When the media server's license expired:


1. Run "bpminlicense -verbose" command and make sure that the license is not expired
2. Run "bpps" command and verify that vmd is running, if its not running try to start it manually:

Your evaluation period has ended for this product.

3. Delete the expired license and enter valid one. Contact Symantec Customer Care if necessary.
4. Stop and start NetBackup services at the media server
5. Run 'Storage Server Configuration Wizard' again.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH179281

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