PDDO Data Removal not running on multi-node dedupe storage units

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On PureDisk 6.6.3a and Deduplication Appliance, the PDDO Data Removal process is not present in cron on non-SPA nodes.
This can prevent data from being expire and result in full storage conditions.


Full storage partitions on PDDO-enabled storage pools with multiple nodes and an empty /Storage/log/PDDODataRemoval.log on all nodes.


All these conditions must be met to be impacted:
- Version PD 6.6.3a / DD APP or above;
- PDDO-enabled storage pool;
- Have multiple Metabase Engine nodes;
- The PDDO data selection tables must be on a Metabase Engine that is not on the SPA node


Work around is to manually add the PDDO Data Removal script to cron on all non-SPA nodes.

- Login to the storage pool node, using the root account*
- Execute "crontab -l" and verify that PDDODataRemoval.php is not in cron
- Execute "crontab -e" to edit the cron entries
- Add the following line at the end of the crontab:
    15 */2 * * * /opt/pdag/bin/php /opt/pdmbe/cli/PDDODataRemoval.php >>/Storage/log/PDDODataRemoval.log 2>&1
- Exit with ":wq" to save
- Execute "crontab -l" to verify the new entry is correctly added

* For NBU50x0 appliances, use these steps to login a root:
- Login to CLISH using 'sysadmin' account
- Navigate to Support -> Maintenance
- Type "elevate" to get root access

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