Information about the DNS cache introduced in Collector Framework 2.4

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With Collector Framework 2.4 new functionality has been added for caching resolved IP-addresses and hostnames.

Find below information about the hostNameCacheSize property.




There are 2 caches which are configured by the "hostNameCacheSize" property.

One is for ip-to-host resolution and one is for host-to-ip resolution. The lifetime (TTL) for each of them is 24 hours and they work independently.

To turn off those caches set the value of the "hostNameCacheSize" to 0.

The algorithm of resolving IP/host is the following:

 If IP/host to resolve is in the our cache then return it otherwise try to resolve it in the "hostResolveTimeout" time interval using the Java API. After this put any result into the cache.



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