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The PureDisk pool is up
But Netbackup is marking it as down Which result in Backup failure


backups were failing with error 2074.



Netbackup 7.1


The Disk in raid array failed  & spare disk took over its job.

So raid is recovered well in this situation.

But The backup job which was running at that time stuck  as Netbackup reported it as Disk Volume Down .

The backup failed with Error 2074 but the child process was not removed from memory By its parent job.

This Orphaned Process was holding Disk Pool AS down state

nbdevquery was showing disk pool & volume as UP.

But checked in Netbackup-admin console -> Monitor -> Disk Pool

There Netbackup show Volume as DOWN

So all Subsequent Backups kept failing with Error 2074 ,even after restarting Services on PureDisk.

 Because the Orphaned /Zombie process was still running & It was never removed from Memory.



Request Customer to stop NetBackup on all media servers and then remove orphaned processes  .

use  bpps -x.

List the processes

Kill them by ( kill command OR  Task Manager)

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH180027

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