An error is returned by the Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving (FSA) task when archiving .eml files.

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A GetSharedData _com_error exception is returned when archiving .eml files.


The following error will be seen in the FSA task report file: 

*** Error *** - Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004021B


The following will be seen in a Dtrace of the EvFsaArchivingTask process: 

(EvFsaArchivingTask) <7028> EV:H EVFingerprintEngine::CSMTPAttachmentData::GetSharedData _com_error exception. hr=<0x8004021b>
(EvFsaArchivingTask) <7028> EV:H CSMTPTraverserBase::GetFingerprintData _com_error exception. hr=<0x8004021b>


For more information on Dtrace please refer to the link in the Related Articles section. 


This cause of this issue is related to the following:



This is a multipart body part. It has no content other than the body parts contained within it.



Convert the .eml file to .msg format so that EV can archive it without error. 

1.  Open the .eml message in Outlook 2010 and perform a Save As on the attachment (which is the original message) to .msg format. 

2.  Use a third party utility to convert the .eml message to .msg format. 

Until this issue is resolved programmatically the above workarounds can be used for ingesting this data into EV.

Note:  To archive .msg files from a file server using FSA requires Outlook to be installed on the EV server.  This is not required for general FSA processing. 


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 11.0

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 GetSharedData _com_error exception. hr=<0x8004021b> is returned when attempting to archive .eml files.

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