Undefined subroutine in find_actual_netmask during offline and clean operation for IP Agent

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After upgrade from 5.1SP1 to 5.1SP1RP2, unable to clean or offline IP resource.


# 2012/02/06 11:57:58 VCS INFO V-16-1-50135 User root fired command: hares -offline my_ip  RHEL5616092  from localhost
2012/02/06 11:57:58 VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10300 Initiating Offline of Resource my_ip (Owner: Unspecified, Group: my_test_sg) on System RHEL5616092
2012/02/06 11:57:59 VCS INFO V-16-2-13716 (RHEL5616092) Resource(my_ip): Output of the completed operation (offline)
Undefined subroutine &main::find_actual_netmask called at /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/IP/offline line 113.


Storage Foundation HA 5.1SP1RP2


The bundled agents RPM for VRTSvcsag- contains updated IP Agent clean and offline script that include a new function that verifies that the netmask for the network interface matches that netmask attribute defined for the IP resource. The new function line is as follows.

    # check if configured netmask matches with Netmask attribute value
    my $actual_netmask = find_actual_netmask ($Device, $Address);

The sub-routine find_actual_netmask is called from per module net_functions.pl located in /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/ directory.

If the net_functions.pl does not contain the find_actual_netmask sub-routine due to it not being replaced during the upgrade or if the perl module is replaced with an eirlier version of the net_functions.pl perl module that does not contiain the sub-routine find_actual_netmask then the clean and offline of the IP resource will fail.


Ensure that the net_functions.pl script contains the sub-routine find_actual_netmask.

# cat net_functions.pl | grep find_actual_netmask

sub find_actual_netmask

Do not attempt to replace the net_functions.pl with an earlier version if you have upgraded the VRTSvcsag RPM to 5.1SP1RP2

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