Changes made in the Symantec Traffic Shaper prune script from 6.0 to 6.1.

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What changes were made to the Symantec Traffic Shaper prune script in 6.1?


The primary change to the prune script was to make the prune script account for RM (IP addresses received via Traffic Shaper path sharing, not locally determined) paths in the ASDB.  Like the prune script in 6.0, the prune script in 6.1 tries to maintain a database size of 85%.  When pruning the ASDB, the Traffic Shaper will skip any entry that has an action set to LOCK (Administratively locked) or AA (Administratively Altered).  If the ASDB is less than or at 85% max capacity, the prune script will delete any Beik (IP address learned from sampling messages) or RM entry that has not been updated in the last 365 days.  For the situation were the ASDB list is greater than 85%, the prune script will delete as many Beik and RM entries needed to get the ASDB list back down to 85%.  Starting with the Beik and RM entries that have the oldest last update timestamp. 

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