Max timeout is unlimited on DS6.9 but it is 2160 minutes on DS7.x

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On DS6.9, max timeout is unlimited. However, after upgraded to DS7.1, the task failed because max timeout is 2160 minutes.
When changing timeout of a job or task to over 2160 minutes on Advanced setting, the following error message appears.



DS Build Number: DS 7.1 SP1a MR1a 7.1.2320
NS Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 64bit


This issue has been reported to our Symantec Development team. A fix should be provided in a later release.

Current workaround:

1. Download maxTimeout.ncs and maxTimeout.nrf attached in this TechNote, 
    then copy these to "...\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin"

2. Create a new client job

3. Right-click to the new client job and select Properties

4. Copy the new client job GUID (e.g. {ce8b5b67-f9c9-4e22-887d-6b1e7b2842f6}) on Propertise window

5. Create a bat file with command line:
    nscript.exe maxTimeout.ncs {ce8b5b67-f9c9-4e22-887d-6b1e7b2842f6} 20160

6. Run the bat file from command prompt

Output example:
C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin>nscript.exe maxTimeout.ncs {ce8b5b67-f9c9-4e22-887d-6b1e7b2842f6} 20160
Changing max timeout for "NewJob" to 20160
old value for MaxTimeout: 90


maxTimeout.ncs (1 kBytes)
maxTimeout.nrf (183 Bytes)

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Max timeout is unlimited on DS6.9 but it is 2160 minutes on DS7.1

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