After running a successful inventory on library with a Bar Code reader, the Media Label is showing "Empty"

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After replacing the media in a library with a Bar Code Reader, a successful inventory will still show the old media bar code numbers but with the "Media Label" showing "Empty" (Figure 1)

Figure 1.


When changing out media in a library with a Bar Code Reader, an Initialize and Scan will be needed on tapes that is "known" to this installation of Backup Exec.  If the media is brand new, then an Initialize, Scan and an Inventory is needed.

1. Add the tapes to the loader using the Import command if applicable, or use the Unlock command to access the robotic library and add media.

2. First Initialize by right clicking on the Medium changer and selecting the Initialize option

3. After the Initialization has been completed, perform a scan. The slots can be scanned by right clicking the slots and selecting the Scan option from within the Devices tab of the media server

If importing brand new tapes, an Inventory is also needed:

4. Run an Inventory any slots with new media.

Note:  The tape should now be shown as blank media under the Devices tab, the Media tab, and All Media

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