How to update Remote Agent for Linux/Unix Server (RALUS) on a Linux/Unix server post-installation of updates on the Backup Exec media server.

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When the Backup Exec Media Server is updated with any Service Pack or Hotfix, the Linux/Unix server which has Backup Exec Remote Agent for Linux/Unix Server(RALUS) installed may need to be updated as well.


The following steps need to performed to install the Hotfix/Patch/Update:

1.  The hotfix.tar file should be located at \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Agents folder.
2.  Transfer the .tar file to the Linux/Unix system.
Note: If FTP is used to transfer the file, ensure that binary mode is enabled prior to GETting or PUTting the .tar file. Most GUI-based FTP applications will do this automatically. Do not untar the file on a Windows system as this may corrupt the data.
3.  Log in to a command line on the target system with root privileges.
4.  Extract the file to a temporary location and run the following command to extract the contents of the hotfix/patch:
# cd /tmp
# tar -zxvf (path and filename; for instance /home/user/ralus5204SP2.tar.gz)
5.  Run the following command to begin the installation and follow any prompts on screen:
# ./

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