SRAS AutoUpdate Alert 65 - (03-05-2012)

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A new content update has been made available for automatic download:

Your "Content Management" section should show these values after update.

Total OS Signatures: 427
Total OVAL Updates: 65 (only for RAS 4.0.6+)
For a complete lists of OVAL checks included in this update please refer to the attached file


For SRAS Systems with internet access:

Log into your SRAS management portal and under the "Content Management" section, verify that you see that "Total OVAL Updates is now at 65. (Please allow up to 24 hours for the update to appear)  If 24 hours have passed since receiving this notice, please contact your support representative for  assistance.  You may create a support ticket at

For "air-gapped"/secure SRAS systems:

Please contact your support representative to receive the up


Update 65 Details
SRAS-content-update65.pdf (129 kBytes)
Latest OS Signatures (Complete)
OSSignatures.xml (693 kBytes)

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