Tickets created via email are not formed properly. There are action items missing

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Certain HTML tags cause tickets created via email monitoring to display incorrectly. Smart Tasks are missing from the right side and History web part is usually cut short.


No error is displayed.


ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2


HTML tags being written into task description. 


This issue will be addressed in a future release of ServiceDesk.

To work around the issue:

Open SD.Email.Monitor, staying on the Primary Model (Note: We will never leave the primary model.

  1. Scroll down and find the two SetBody component. Adjust the arrows going into the SetBody component. (As shown in Step1 picture below)

  2.  In the Toolbox search for Code (Script) Component. Add the component after the Log Subject component, renaming it to Remove HTML. (As shown in Step2 picture below)

  3. Double click the Code (Script) Component. This will launch the Scripted Component Wizard. On page 1. Input Parameters, use the following configurations: (As shown in Step3_ABC and Step3_D pictures below)
    a) Click Add. In the row that appears, in the name column type HTML (Note: This is case sensitive!) Ensure the Type is Text.
    b) Click Add. In the row that appears, in the name column type KeepLineBreaks (Note This is case sensitive!) Change the Type column is Logical (true/false)
    c) Click Edit Parameter Mappings. Select the HTML = line then Value From Data. Open the associated ellipsis and select SingleEmailMessage.Body. Click OK. (Step3_ABC picture)

    d) In the End Component Mapping box, select KeepLineBreaks = then Create Value:. Check the checkbox, then select OK. Click Next. (Step3_D picture)

  4. On the Result variable page, Select Text for the Result variable type. In the Result variable name field, type Plainbody (NOTE: You must type Plainbody - it is case sensitive!) Click Next (Step4 picture below)

  5. On the Source Code page, type the following text in the Source code: box  (NOTE: You need the entire line, from the word "return" to the semicolon at the end of the line.) (Step5 picture below)
    return LogicBase.Framework.HTMToTextConverter.ConvertToASCII(HTML, false, KeepLineBreaks, false);
    Click Next.

  6. Click Finish (Step6 picture below)

  7. In the toolbox search for a Copy Data Element to New Location component. Add it to the workflow after the Remove HTML component. Rename this component to Set SingleEmail.Body. Open this component and use the following configurations: (Step7 picture below)
    Data Type: Text
    Data From Variable Name: Plainbody
    Assign To Variable Name: SingleEmailMessage.Body
    Select OK

  8. Copy the Remove HTML and Set SingleEmail.Body components and Paste them into the workflow. Attach the connections according to the screenshot (Step8 pictue below).

Save and Publish your workflow

As always with modified project, test to make sure it works before using it in production.

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