Support for File System Archiving from Windows file servers that run Double-Take replication software

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This document describes how you can use Enterprise Vault File System Archiving (FSA) with Windows file servers that run Vision Solutions' Double-Take replication software. It outlines the supported software combinations, and describes the required configuration steps.


From Enterprise Vault 10.0.1, FSA is compatible with the following Double-Take product:

  • Double-Take 6.0 Availability for Windows


For the latest information about the supported versions, see the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts at


Configuration Instructions

In a typical configuration, a Windows file server (server A) is a target for FSA, and Double-Take is replicating its files to a second server (server B).

Server A is the Double-Take source server, and server B is the Double-Take target server.


If you use FSA placeholder shortcuts, you must perform the following configuration steps:

  1. Install the FSA Agent on the Double-Take target server. For instructions on performing a manual installation of the FSA Agent, see the Setting up File System Archiving manual.
  2. On the Double-Take source server, create a DWORD registry value named AdditionalReparseTags under the following registry subkey:
     \NSI Software

Give AdditionalReparseTags a value of 10 (Hexadecimal). This registry value ensures that Double-Take replicates the placeholders correctly on the Double-Take target server.

  1. On the Double-Take target server, create a DWORD registry value named ClearOfflineBit under the following registry subkey:

Give ClearOfflineBit a value of 0. This registry value allows the replicated placeholders to show the placeholder icon and to display the correct size of 4 KB.

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