Command to get N/W Credentials failed.

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 When attempting a deployment task in automation (or possibly in production) it fails.  A check of the logs shows the following error:

Command to get N/W Credentials failed.


 The root cause is not entirely known at this time, though a defect has been logged with Development.  There are however, at least a couple of known causes.

1) There is a cross domain or other similar security issue that the account specified for agent connectivity can not work with.

2) There are limitations to mapping drives on the destination server due to GPO or othe constraints such as modified security on the deployment share.

3) The global agent settings have not been properly configured.

4) There is a known defect where the global agent settings, even if properly configured, are not being properly registered in the registry and thus not being passed to the agent


First, please review HOWTO61136 for how this process should be managed.

Second, please check the following registry entries to see if it matches the account you expect the clients to be using (this check is made on the SMP, not site servers or client):

HKLM\Software\Altiris\Communications\Package Access Password (this one should be hashed)
HKLM\Software\Altiris\Communications\Package Access User

If these DO match what you expect, from the client system attempt to map a drive manually using these EXACT credentials.  It should work, and if not, the credentials have a flaw, OR DNS has a problem, which does happen.

If these do not match what you expect the agent to be using, then you can modify it in the following ways:

  1. in the Console, under Settings | All Settings \ Agents and Plugins \ Symantec Management Agent \ Settings \ Symantec Management Agent Setting - Global | Authentication, choose "Use these credentials".  Save the changes and verify the registry entry matches what you expect.
  2. Modify the option in #1 to use "Use application Identity" instead of a custom account.  Verify the registry keys match what you choose once you press "Save Changes"
  3. If you find that the setting will NOT change the registry key, try selecting "Use these credentials" and leaving username, password blank.  This should generate an error when you click "Save Changes" but should then reset the registry key to the App ID.

If you can NOT use the App ID, and can NOT make the registry key display what you need it to, this is the defect we have reported to Dev, and we're working on it.  At this time, we only know how to make sure the App ID is used, and other accounts are a bit of a hit-and-miss.

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 NWCredentials lookup can be incorrect under certain circumstances.

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