All hotfixes for Recovery Solution 6.0.395

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What are the hotfixes for Recovery Solution 6.0.395?


This article contains all of the released hotfixes provided for Recovery Solution 6.0.395. These hotfixes are standalone hotfixes. All hotfixes are rolled up in the latest Release of Recovery Solution 6.1 and Recovery Solution 6.2. If you are continuing to use Recovery Solution 6.0.395, subscribe to this article to receive notifications about additional hotfixes released in the Future.

Local Recovery Agent 6.0.395 Hotfix 1

This hotfix resolves an issue with Local Recovery installation and creation of the Local Recovery partition. Not to be used with Recovery Solution but Local Recovery only. The problem is that if ZoneLabs Client is used when installing Local Recovery Agent, a blue screen occurs. See article 26731, "Blue screen when Zonelabs Client is installed with Local Recovery Agent."

Local Recovery Stand Alone Agent 6.0.395 Hotfix 2

This hotfix resolves an issue where the Local Recovery Agent will send Inventory to the Notification Server even when Recovery Solution or Local Recovery Solution is not installed. See 26732, "Local recovery agent sends inventory to Notification Server even though Local Recovery Solution is not being used."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 3

This hotfix resolves an issue when taking a snapshot of a file larger than 2 GB in size the snapshot fails. See article 26733, "Snapshot fails for files larger than 2 GB."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 4

This hotfix is the back ported improvement for Server Space Management. See article 26734, "Server Space Management - Improved SSM Job."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 5

This hotfix resolves an issue which was originally by design that where a snapshot is not taken of the Application and System Event logs. This is resolved by applying article 26735, "Application and System events log are not being included in the snapshot."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 6

This hotfix resolves an issue where, when using the Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Agent, it fails to register the user account. See article 26736, "Registration fails during Agent installation."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 7

This is an improvement to the RSFAL.sys Driver. See article 26737, "RSFAL driver updated."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 8

This Hot Fix resolves an issue when taking a snapshot it hangs during the scanning folders section of the snapshot. See article 26738, "During Snapshot the snapshot hangs on scanning folders section."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 9

This is the Advanced Lost BLOB Handling Utility for Recovery Solution 6.0.395. See article 25139, "Advanced Lost BLOB Handling utility for Recovery Solution 6.0."

Recovery Solution 6.0.395 Hotfix 10

This hotfix resolves an issue with Duplicate Roots in 6.0.395. See article 26739, "Duplicate roots issue."

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