Recovery Solution Server crash in ntdll Hotfix 9 (plus Hotfix 1)

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The Recovery Solution Server crashes in ntdll.


Recovery Solution 6.2.2106


Recovery Solution server service crashes in ntdll.dll.


To resolve this issue, replace all of the files in the attachment (to the right of this article) on the Recovery Solution Server.
  • AeXVault.exe
  • DCRawData.dll
  • DSAdmin.dll
  • dsconnpool.dll
  • DSFile.dll
  • dsrawdata.dll
  • EventReport.dll
  • jobqueue.dll
  • ServerJobs.dll

Stop the Recovery Solution Services while replacing the files and then start the Services once they have been replaced.

Important: Recovery Solution 6.2.2332 (6.2 SP1) has been released. Recovery Solution 6.2 SP1 build 6.2.2332 has been released which contains all of the hotfixes for 6.2.2106 except Hotfix 16 and Hotfix 18. Hotfix 16 and Hotfix 18 are available in the Recovery Solution 6.2.2332 Hotfix All article. Subscribe to article 29505 to be notified about all future hotfixes for that version. The article also includes Release Notes, Best Practices, and Troubleshooting Help.

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