During Shadow Copy Components backups, very large registry hives may be skipped without NetBackup reporting a partially successful backup (Status Code 1) after the backup completes.

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Under certain conditions, a very large registry hive may be skipped due to a Windows error without NetBackup reporting that it had been skipped.  The backup completes with a success (status code 0) reported.  It may not be noticed that the registry hive was not backed up until an attempt to restore it fails.  Attempts to browse the NetBackup image catalog for the hive will reveal an entry for it; however, it will be displayed with a size of 0 bytes.



In this example, a very large (>200MB) NTUSER.DAT file is skipped during backup.  From the bpbkar32.exe log (<install_path>\VERITAS\NetBackup\logs\bpbkar.<datestamp>):

10:50:01.754: [856.3324] <16> dos_backup::OVBackupRegistry: ERR - unable to backup registry hive: 'C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\NTUSER.DAT' (WIN32 1450: Unknown error)
10:50:01.754: [856.3324] <2> tar_backup_tfi::backup_startfile_state: TAR - Backup: C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\NTUSER.DAT
10:50:01.754: [856.3324] <4> dos_backup::tfs_readopen: INF - NT Security information obtained for: 'C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\NTUSER.DAT'
10:50:01.754: [856.3324] <4> tar_backup_tfi::backup_finishfile_state: INF - catalog message: Fil - 168 3069 2016537 -1 40 32960 root;Administrators@BUILTIN root;SYSTEM@NT:AUTHORITY 211288064 1325670978 1325588055 1323781036 /C/Documents and Settings/xxxx/NTUSER.DAT



This issue currently affects all versions of NetBackup 6.x and 7.x on Windows through NetBackup 7.5.



The root cause of the skip is WIN32 ERROR 1450: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service .



The formal resolution to this issue (Etrack 2657728) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 1 (

Download and README information for NetBackup is available at the following link:

Note: The root cause of the skip is NOT resolved in NetBackup - all that is changed in the new release is that the status code reported during backups is corrected from status 0 to status 1 to reflect the skip.  In order to resolve the underlying  WIN32 ERROR 1450: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service error, please refer to the following Microsoft KB article:

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