SharePoint Team Site creation fails with Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers installed

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During the creation of a Site Collection in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, custom solutions can be activated (WSP files, e.g. from a Solution Gallery in SharePoint).

With these solutions activated, custom templates become available to be loaded. Loading the (custom) templates results in an error “An unexpected error has occurred”. The status shows “Site creation failed”.

Errors also appear when scan on upload in SPSS is disabled, and Scan engine does not show any errors.
No errors appear when SPSS is not installed.


An unexpected error has occurred
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Windows 2008 R2 (Hyper-V image)

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 RTM

Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers (SPSS) 6.0








During the activation of the solution, SharePoint calls the AV scanner. Whenever AV scanner calls our SPSS component it acquires a TCP channel however the same channel is also required by the activation process of the solution.






This is causing a  TCP Channel conflict between SPSS and SharePoint.



This issue has been resolved in the Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers 6.0.1 build.  Please upgrade to SPSS 6.0.1 to resolve this issue.  If upgrading from SPSS 6.0 to 6.0.1 is not an immediate option, below are the steps to patch build 6.0 (Code was modified in 5 DLLs and 1 EXE file. These modified Binaries solve the problem. All have File Version

STEPS to resolve: the patch (binaries attached to this article) and the steps below will resolve the problem:
  1. Stop the SPSS service
  2. Stop IIS
  3. Extract the zip file containing the patch (6 files in total; already shared with customer)
  4. Go to the SPSS installed location (<installed path>\Symantec\SharePoint)
  5. Back-up original dlls and exe mentioned below:

                - Symantec.Sharepoint.DataAccess.BO.dll
                - Symantec.Sharepoint.LoggerClient.dll
                - Symantec.Sharepoint.LoggingService.dll
                - Symantec.Sharepoint.Service.Logger.dll
                - Symantec.Sharepoint.SPSSService.exe
                - SymantecScanLibrary.dll

  6. Replace the above dlls and exe with the patched dlls
  7. Drag and Drop the following dlls from patch in the GAC (C:\Windows\assembly)

                  - Symantec.Sharepoint.DataAccess.BO.dll
                  - Symantec.Sharepoint.LoggerClient.dll
                  - Symantec.Sharepoint.LoggingService.dll
                  - Symantec.Sharepoint.Service.Logger.dll
                  - SymantecScanLibrary.dll
  8. Start the SPSS service
  9. Re-start SharePoint Timerservice
  10. Start IIS


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