Export Backup Definitions with BEMCLI on BE 2012

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Export Backup Definitions with BEMCLI on BE 2012


Export a single backup definition:

Get-BEBackupDefinition –name <definition name> |  Export-BEBackupDefinition > c:\<somename>.ps1

To export all definitions to a separate ps1 file:

 $jobs = Get-BEBackupDefinition
 foreach ($job in $jobs)
                 $defname = $job.name
                 $job | Export-BEBackupDefinition > c:\$defname.ps1

Import the backup definition:
& '<exported-bebackupdefinition.ps1>' -AgentServer (Get-BEAgentServer "<agent server name>") | save-BEBackupdefinition

Selection list are not exported and will need to be modified after import if needed. By default everything will be selected on the Selections.

This script is an example and is provided AS-IS. May require modification 

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH184683

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