Using NetBackup 7.1 with Linux Kernel 3.0

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The only supported configuration for the NetBackup 7.1 line when paired with a Linux operating system utilizing the 3.0 kernel is This document outlines the process to install NetBackup 7.1 on the Linux 3.0 kernel so you can then upgrade to the supported version of


Detected an attempt to install incorrect platform and/or operating system and version client binaries on <HOSTNAME>.


Installing NetBackup Server or Client on Linux operating system utilizing the 3.0 kernel.


The NetBackup 7.1 GA install script checks for known 2.x kernel levels and fails to validate if the kernel 3.0 is returned. Server Support for Linux 3.0 kernels was introduced in NetBackup patch but requires the workaround below if performing a fresh install. NetBackup version 7.5 GA natively supports Linux 3.0 kernels and installs without issue.

Follow the workaround outlined below to install version 7.1GA onto SLES 11 SP2 or RHEL 6.0. Then install the NetBackup maintanence release to complete the upgrade.


To utilize the Linux 3.0 kernel and NetBackup without requiring the workaround below please install NetBackup version 7.5. You can find more information on 7.5 in the Release Announcement, linked below in the Related Articles.

Create a symbolic link:

# cd /lib/modules
# ls

If 2.6.40-0.19-default does not exist:

# ln -s 3.0.13-0.19-default 2.6.40-0.19-default  

Change directory to the location of the server or client media image to be installed and wrap it with uname26:

# uname26 ./install

Proceed with the NetBackup Installation, then immediately upgrade to NetBackup  See the Related Articles for more assistance with these processes.

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When attempting to install the NetBackup 7.1 client on to a Linux kernel 3 server the install fails with: -Detected an attempt to install incorrect platform and/or operating system 

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