Processing Recipients still occurs when sending unencrypted email on PGP Support Package for BlackBerry

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The PGP Support Package for BlackBerry allows a BlackBerry device to send encrypted email to recipients who have PGP keys. Encrypting email should only be necessary if the mail policy on the PGP Universal Server specifies the requirement to do so, or if the BlackBerry user manually specifies the email should be encrypted.


When the email is triggered be encrypted, either via policy, or manually from the BlackBerry device, a key search routine is performed on the BlackBerry to find the key of the recipient to complete encryption.  There are known limitations in which the PGP Support Package for BlackBerry will still attempt to search for keys, even when no encryption is necessary. This functionality is by design and intended.


If ten recipients are on the email thread, keys will be queried for all 10 recipients when the message is sent. This can occur even when sending email unencrypted.



Although this has always been the known/expected behavior, the behavior has been modified in newer releases of the BlackBerry Device OS software released by Research In Motion (RIM). The new behavior contains the logic that if the policy on the PGP Universal Server is to send in the clear, keys will not be queried on the device. In other words, unless the PGP Universal Server mail policy states the message should be encrypted, or unless the user selects the option to encrypt manually on the device, the message will be sent unencrypted, and will not attempt to search for keys.


This new behavior is included in select versions of BlackBerry device OS 6.0 from select carriers. 
This new behavior is included for all carriers starting in device OS version 7.1.

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