IPS is Automatically Enabled After Upgrading from 5.2.8 MP2 to 5.2.8 MP3 or 5.2.8 MP4 on Redhat 5.7

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On RedHat Linux 5.7, when a customer upgrades from SCSP 5.2.8 MP2 to MP3/MP4, IPS is turned on automatically. 

Things to consider based on the type of install being performed:

1) During an interactive installation, the install process will stop and request user confirmation.  

2) During a silent install, no user prompt is given and IPS will be turned on automatically. 

The system will also return the following message:

NOTICE: The Intrusion Prevention feature is now enabled on this platform. If you wish to proceed with this feature disabled, run the install with the -disableIps flag or change the "Enable Intrusion Prevention" setting in the interactive install menu.

Note1: When -disableIps is used from command line, this NOTICE is not seen.

Note2:  MP2 on RedHat 5.7 doesn’t support IPS, so fresh installs of MP2 on RH 5.7 will not have IPS drivers enabled.

Note3: The upgrade to MP3/MP4 will turn on IPS automatically and load drivers – this may be unexpected and undesired behavior.

Note4: See HOWTO document (http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO66119), for steps on how to tell if IPS is enabled or not.


Scope of this Issue: This issue is strictly limited to Redhat 5.7 , nor are any other versions of Redhat affected. In addition, no other types of Operating Systems  are affected as well.


Use the -disableIps option during the upgrade process to disable IPS on RHEL5.7.


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH185279

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