bpclient: system call failed (11)

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This issue could occur  during or after decommissioning NetBackup-Client  from the NetBackup environment:

Unable to remove or delete NetBackup-Client from the Master Server database client-list (Master Server -->  Client Attributes list)

 via  NetBackup Admin Console : NetBackup Management --> Host Properties --> Master Server --> Properties --> Client Attribute --> Clients

OR  When executing the following command on the Master Server;

    # <install path>\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpclient –client <client_name> –delete

     the error message appears ;   “ bpclient: system call failed (11) ” 



bpclient: system call failed (11)



NetBackup Version 6.x  and  NetBackup 7.x



This command  “bpclient –client <clientname> –delete”   has a checklist of files it uses when removing a client and can easily return an exit status other than 0.
      This command reads the parameter “-client” value then examines the content of the following directory on the Master Server;

        Windows Master :  <install path>\netbackup\db\client\<clientname>    

        UNIX Master:  /usr/openv/netbackup/db/client/<clientname>

       If there is a subdirectory with the same <clientname>,
              then the command delete process will only remove the files called:   

      Once the above files are successfully removed , then the command  will remove the sub-directory   ..|netbackup|db|client|<clientname>
      IF the value does not match 
          ..|netbackup|db|client|<clientname>|GP_        ( Missing hostname )

          Or one of the a files is corrupt or has wrong permissions, or there is a file of a different name in the same directory ,  etc....
        Then the command "bpclient" will fail to remove the client directory and exit 11 will be reported.


    Delete  the client directory  in NetBackup Database   on the Master server  manually ;

     The location ; On UNIX Master  : /usr/openv/netbackup/db/client/<clientname>

                             On WINDOWS Master <install path>\netbackup\db\client\<clientname>

    Then refresh the NetBackup Admin console on the Master Server and check 

          NetBackup Management   --> Host Properties --> Master Server --> properties --> Client Attributes  ... and verify the client has been deleted.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH185313

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