Event 6287 Cannot access Placeholder: "File does not exist"

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When trying to access an archived item via a placeholder, the appropriate program cannot access it.


On the EV server you will see:

Type :  Warning
Event :  6287
Source :  Enterprise Vault
Category : Web Application (WP)
Description: Unable to fetch item from "FSAServer.Test.com".
Reason: The specified Saveset does not exist.      (0xc0041aac)
Saveset Id: 332599000000000~200910201128040000~0~D75C294D773A4A7BB647F73031A00CD
Archive Name: FSA1
Archive Folder Path: \\FSAServer.Test.com\D$\Test\2009\
Reference: [GOAFS]

Event ID: 20491

From a Dtrace of the EVPlaceHolder service on the File Server;

(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:M CQueue::DeQueue item deQueued
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {CQueue::DeQueue} (Exit) Status: [Success]
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {RequestArchivedFile::Process} (Entry)
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:M Processing a placeholder restore request for file: \\?\I:\Test\2009\Reports.xls Url: http://evservertest.com/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=148734CC31FC45E4BB34E901F5ECC95511110000evsite01&SavesetId=451060000000000~200901201032410000~0~B4A24853DB104BF392D2AD1922CFB38 &Request=NativeItem&EVHeaders=1&HashName=SHA256, placeholder version: 1
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {RequestArchivedFile::DownLoadFile} (Entry)
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L Attempting to download file: \\?\I:\Test\2009\Reports.xls at Url: http://evserver.test.com/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=148734CC31FC45E4BB34E901F5ECC95511110000evsite01&SavesetId=451060000000000~200901201032410000~0~B4A24853DB104BF392D2AD1922CFB38
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L Download status for file: \\?\I:\Test\2009\Reports.xls is c0045034
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:H {RequestArchivedFile::DownLoadFile} (Exit) Status: [Exception occurred.  (0x80020009)]
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV~E Event ID: 20491 Error downloading file: \\?\I:\Test\2009\Reports.xls, Url: http://evserver.test.com/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=148734CC31FC45E4BB34E901F5ECC95511110000evsite01&SavesetId=451060000000000~200901201032410000~0~B4A24853DB104BF392D2AD1922CFB38
&Request= NativeItem&EVHeaders=1&HashName=SHA256 |Error The item is no longer in the vault      (0xc0045034) |
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {RequestArchivedFile::RespondToFSADriver} (Entry)
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L Attempting to respond to FSA driver with downloaded file: \\?\I:\Test\2009\Reports.xls
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {RequestArchivedFile::RespondToFSADriver} (Exit) Status: [Success]
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {RequestArchivedFile::Process} (Exit) Status: [Success]
(EvPlaceholderService) <1952> EV:L {CQueue::DeQueue} (Entry)


Production environment running EV10 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
1 sever that serves as exchange /file system
64 bit Servers
DC is windows 2003 spk 2
3 x Exchange 2003 SP2
SQL server 2008


The archived item no longer exists within EV, this could mean that the DVS file has been deleted or the SQL entry for this item has been removed so in affect the Placeholder/s is/are not Orphaned.


Run the EVSVR tool in Verify Complete mode against the Archive in question to ensure that there are no missing DB references. If there are not you can confidently say that the placedholder is now an OrphanedPlaceholder.

To verify this you can run the FSAUtility in Report mode to verify the number of Orphaned Placeholders.

FSAUtility.exe -o -s [SourceUNC path] -r

Make sure you run it with the -r switch as this is what denotes Report mode.

It's recommended that the files are then restored from a backup taken before they were archived and then re-archived. You should then run the FSAUtility to remove the remaining orphaned placeholders.

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SourceEvent ID

Unable to fetch item from "FSAServer.Test.com".
Reason: The specified Saveset does not exist.      (0xc0041aac)

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