Unable to access the Helpdesk server during ServiceDesk migration process

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When trying to migrate Helpdesk incidents in ServiceDesk, the migration fails with a message describing that the provided Notification Server 6 credentials for Helpdesk are invalid.


Verify that the following is configured on the Notification Server that Helpdesk runs on:

  • The Notification Server must be running, and Helpdesk installed and functional still.
  • The user credentials specified in ServiceDesk to migrate incidents with must be an Altiris Administrator (in the NS Security Roles) and preferably, a Worker also in Helpdesk.
  • The user, using the credentials specified above, from the ServiceDesk server, is required to be able to access the following NS6 URLs:




  • Lastly, IIS on the NS must be configured to work correctly. If this has been custom configured, the user will be required to permit the connection as this is outside of the ServiceDesk product to circumvent. By default, this is set up in the following fashion, which may or may not no longer be the expected manner if IIS has been customized by the user:

    • Open IIS and then go to Web Sites > AeXHD > Properties > Directory Security > Edit Authentication and access control. This should be set to Enable anonymous access; Username/password is a system account; and only Integrated Windows authentication is checked. This should also be true for the properties for the Default Web Site folder and for the Altiris web site. But for Altiris, this also has Basic authentication set. Anonymous by default should be On for all three. Again: this may not be necessarily what is now being expected. Setting Anonymous Off may therefore resolve the issue if IIS has been customized by the user.
    • Additional troubleshooting: What appears in the IIS logs? Are there errors pertaining the the user account that tried to access the server?

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